WSR-real-estate-guideWaterstone Realty’s services contains a balanced portfolio of attributes. Services consist of helping neighbors and friends sell their home for top dollar as well as protecting first time homebuyers purchase a bank owned property. We have relationships with new home builders unlike any brokerage, as our investments division speaks to several often about development opportunities. We manage our own as well as many others’ investment properties, as well as working capital.

Waterstone Realty created a balanced real estate brokerage that utilizes the retail to help find more investments, and the returns to better service the retail. No other company can offer that level of depth when it comes to assisting you in all things real estate.

The few services below are in addition to buying and selling as a real estate brokerage. Please also visit our promotions page, where you can find everything from a Free Cruise giveaway when you sell your home, to a Free IPad when to help with your property search.  We have given away Disney Park Tickets, and expect many more fun promotions in the future, so like us on Facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter.  At our promotions page, you will also find several programs to give back to our community and clients, such as the Bandit Bounty and Dugs Homes. We also enjoy sponsoring teams such as south lake little league and events. If you have any questions about how we may further benefit you, we are just a call away at (352) 243-0550.

Buy your next home

Buying with Waterstone Realty is more than just searching for homes. We are buyers and sellers of real estate ourselves, and typically have exclusive inventory and insights to help you buy. Click here to discover the buying difference with us. When we contract a home in October, we will donate up to 5% of the proceeds to American Cancer Society.

List with Waterstone Realty

Sell your home with Waterstone Realty and we will donate up to %5 of the sales proceeds to American Cancer Society to support it’s efforts in ridding breast cancer forever. When you sell, we use our proven system that allows us to sell your home faster and for more money. Click here to find our more.

Cash For Your Home

Need to sell your house quickly? If you have found yourself in a real estate dilemma and you are simply looking for answers, we can help! Our company specializes in solving real estate problems and we can help correct almost any financial situation at no cost to you! We put power back in your hands. A brief phone conversation with us may actually help change your life for the better. Any Condition, Fast Cash Offer! Short Sales, Distressed properties. Local Florida licensed real estate agents to provide Professional and Ethical services.

Lender (REO) Solutions

Waterstone Realty carries a unique view of the real estate market. Several years ago when prices began to plummet, our first and primary goal has always been our community. We understand that neighborhood stability should and is goal #1. We began to find ways to stabilize pricing. Through our large data base of investors we have the ability to purchase distressed properties. Our marketing strategies, large property management inventory, and buyer data base makes us an excellent choice for asset disposition in Central Florida.

Private Lending

There is enough to go around! At Waterstone Realty we don’t stop at helping you buy or sell. We aren’t happy with just buying and holding or flipping either. In addition we want to help and work with other investors to buy properties and make an honest days work. This private lending system is for non owner occupied only, and is a mortgage base on after repaired value.

Property Management

At Waterstone Realty we understand what it is like to be an absentee home owner. We have devised a system for property management utilized on our own homes. Services including everything from procurement to bookkeeping and emergency repairs. Click button below and see how we can offer our 100% Guarantee.

Invest RE-Investment

One of the largest tools that drives our company forward is the ability to utilize retail success to invest our money back into great returns. Every one of our agents understands what it is like to be an investor, and we share that with others. Link below will explain some of the ways we invest our capital as well as that of numerous investors who have trusted us and receive great returns on their investments, an average of 37.5% return annual.

Short Sale Negotations

Short Sale or Foreclosure Before it was even a term used by the main stream, we have been successfully negotiating short sales on behalf of numerous sellers. Over the past decade it has become a normal term, and with that more and more hands seeking money. Don’t pay anything! If you or someone you know is behind on their mortgage, contact us and we will supply every known option to them. Remember to ask us about a FREE Attorney Consultation.

Service Area

Located in Central Florida, we service roughly a 25 Mile radius around Downtown Orlando. We are always looking to expand to better service our clients, and will do so as a need to basis. We have the ability to assist with real estate Nationwide, but follow the link below to see our primary locations that we have bought, sold, managed, and invested in.