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Why Choose Waterstone Realty? Command of the Market

38 days

vs. 87 days average marketing period

#1 vs Comp

Avg Listing Sales Price

Top Agents

Avg Production 2x+ “largest” offices

Sell Your House faster and for more money with Waterstone Realty. We know when you want to sell your house you aren’t short of options. Thank you for making a smart decision to choose Waterstone Realty to sell your house. Aren’t convinced yet? Yeah, that would be too easy. You could instead select the “Sell Your Home Guaranteed or we ‘insert vague promise here’ ” by that agent who took a weekend seminar from a Canadian guru (or better yet saw everyone else doing it and followed someone blindly). Or how about the We Buy Homes on that investors web page? Who by the way, typically sell your information to subscribers. Your information goes to not one, but a number of investors. Hope you weren’t plan on keeping that phone number, because now half of the real estate community will blow up your phone and offer you half price for your home. At those other Home Value . com sites, you are requesting a random agent who signed up for a subscription of some sort to contact you.

Instead of all the hype, thought it was best to show you some of the things Waterstone Realty does to achieve results for you. Video is just 2 and a half minutes long of information exclusive to our company.

At Waterstone Realty we are buyers and Sellers of Real estate ourselves. We want to share with you what we have learned from our own experience selling our houses. Our simple philosophy is that supporting our community by selling homes for the most money on the MLS fast keeps our own investments working, appreciating, and serves our community during the process.

Instead of clicking on all those other sites right now and gambling on who contacts you back, do one simple thing and Contact Us. Still skeptical? There is even more. We offer all of those programs in 1 simple location. After careful consideration, you will know Waterstone Realty is the best available service for you to sell your house.

2 1/2 Minute Video on Our Marketing

Waterstone Realty Gives You Choices

  • Waterstone Realty, at your request, will present a cash offer within 1 business day so you may sell your house fast. The offer has no commissions attached, is a net to seller offer, meaning no seller closing costs. Click here if this interests you. Simple!
  • Want a more conventional route? We will sell your house using one of our Realtors whose primary concern is the sale of your property while providing exceptional customer service. Complete our valuation page to get started. We sell on average within 3% of our recommended value. Whether it’s one dollar or a 10 million $ property, we want to be your broker.
  • If you have some time and elbow grease, Waterstone Realty will work with you to sell your house for max return by utilizing our knowledge and vendors to improve, repair, and service your property to sell near the top price per square foot of the community. And yeah, we will guarantee it.

When you List With Waterstone Realty


Pre-Market Preparation

Established list price. Need your True Home Value? Visit for your Free Analysis. Waterstone Realty provides free Market Analysis for your home with a reputation of Sales price averaging within 3% of Recommended sales price.


Create the Story

Develop the story of the property detailing home amenities. Adjust marketing plan accordingly and plan on our target audience.


Preparing the Home for Sale

Homes sell quicker and for more money if they are prepared properly for sale. We help stage, organization and even help facilitate repairs so you can get the best price possible.


Spectacular Photos and Video

Professional photography makes your home look fantastic online and in print. Our stunning images draw more people to your listing will make a good first impression even with the fussiest home buyer.


Website with exclusive

Waterstone Realty promotes your home directing everything is directed back to one location for one reason only- to get to your home SOLD! The site’s simple design features advanced SEO and Canonical settings created to keep buyers engaged on your home. The longer on your property site, the more likely a buyer is to request more information.


Signs, Displays, And Media

We include our company sign, your, QR code, along with an exclusive Toll Free # extension with Free 24 Hour Property Information


Social Media

We are on the Front line with Social Media using it to snowball your properties recognition with Paid Advertising. Like us at Twitter @WaterstoneRE



Every Single Possible Site you can imagine WANTS us to place your property on it, and we do just that. Trulia, Zillow,… and more. Many of the sites such as we do additional paid advertisement so that we are the brokerage who gets the inquiries. This ensures we get to buyers first so we can properly sell your home.


Analytics, Feedback, And More

Analytics, buyer feedback, proprietary websites, systems database, Google Earth, customized printing, international buyers, communication, top producing agents… All of this and much much more is included when you sell with us.

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