Scam Alert Davxut Financial Enterprise


Davxut Financial Enterprise, along with “Tim Jades” , Xuan Di, and Xuan Do out of Dallas Texas contacted Waterstone Realty to become one of our private lender networks.  Their Spiel is good, and they are fairly knowledgeable.  Completing my due diligence we discovered a few things.  First, the companies Articles of Incorporation do not exist in Texas where they say they reside.  The State office looked for a DBA, LLC, PA, and any other form of incorporation with no results.  I contacted “Tim” and asked for copies of public loan docs or proof of funds.  He returned to me within 1 business day a 3 page spread of funded loans and 5 page spread of testimonials.

Buyer beware, the funded loans were partially borrowed form and the testimonials from  The “Dear” name was changed from the Athas Capital personnel to reflect their own company.

My latest response to Davxut Financial Enterprise is as follows:

“You took a website’s client testimonials and changed them to your own.  Almost word for word.  The same goes for your funded loans.

“Now, it is possible that you use to work with or for them, and I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.  What I need is 3 PROOF of funded loans, a proof of funds letter, and .  The proof of funded loans can be anything recorded publically in an county Clerk of Courts.  It should only take a few minutes for you to collect it.

“I feel I have already wasted enough time on this.  ”

Unless those documents are received  I believe this to be a great scam to obtain personal information of borrowers for identity theft.   If at any point the documents requested are received I will retract this post, but if you are reading this now DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.